Momentai Sonic | Field Recordings – EP1 第一集 – Summer Thunder @ Namaxia / 那瑪夏仲夏的雷暴

Momentai Sonic | Field Recordings
Episode / 集數:1
Content / 內容:Summer Thunder @ Namaxia / 那瑪夏仲夏的雷暴
Recoding Date / 錄音日期:20180724
Location / 地點:Namaxia, Kaohsiung, Taiwan / 台灣高雄那瑪夏區 Recorder / 錄音機:Sonosax SX-R4+
Microphones / 麥克風:Schoeps CCM8 + CCM41
Recoding Method / 錄音方式:Mid-Side Stereo
File Format / 檔案格式:24Bit/96kHz
Duration / 長度:4’45”

Momentai Sonic
FB / IG: Momentai Sonic

*High dynamic range! Please adjust listening volume carefully!
*錄音動態龐大! 請小心調節聆聽音量!

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